Pressure Fans and Exhaust Systems

Fan systems should be designed to provide adequate airflow to meet storage requirements while operating efficiently.  We design fan systems to meet the goals and management styles of your operation.


  • Operate according to time clock functions - hours of fan operation time.
  • Fixed time clock operation as set by storage manager.
  • Fixed time clock operation coupled with storage temperature information.
  • Variable time clock operation automatically adjusted by controls according to stored crop conditions and storage managers input.
  • All of Techmark's Fancom ventilation computers can control ventilation rates by switching fans on and off or by using variable frequency drives (VFD's).


We use reliable, performance AMCA -certified cast aluminum propeller fans.  We supply fans with painted or galvanized panels and equipped with zinc coated front and rear guards.  These fans have been used in the most demanding agricultural environments in the world - we continue to use them because they've been tested and proven to be the best fit for the job.

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Fan systems come in many shapes and configurations.  The best design is project dependent.

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