Techmark is an international agricultural engineering company specializing in storage and production systems.  Techmark applies technologies that create positive returns for growers and industry.

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Mushroom Production Watering Systems

What is T-Solutions?

Prescriptive Ventilation by Techmark

Consistent water applications for mushroom production systems.

Mushroom Watering Systems


Water where and when you need it.


  Techmark designs and installs watering systems using high quality Vullings systems.  Techmark will design a fully automated irrigation system with the flexibility to respond to your operational preferences.


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T-Solutions is a tool for data storage and utilization.


T-Solutions is a tool for bridging the gap between key performance indicators and action.

You are already creating data  related to your storage performance.  That data is in the form of field application records, growing conditions, bruising, storage environment, laboratory quality analysis and more.  T-Solutions creates an online community for your data.  By creating traceable and accessible data platforms, T-Solutions creates an environment where data becomes actionable because it is readily accessible to your management team.


T-Solutions was developed in response to growers needs and designed with grower input.


For an overview of the T-Solutions suite CLICK HERE.  For more information please contact us to discuss how T-Solutions could enhance your storage management program.

Prescriptive Ventilation can halt the spread of rot.


Prescriptive Ventilation is all about putting the right kind of air flow where it's needed, when it's needed.  The traditional ventilation system treats the entire bin.  Prescriptive Ventilation allows areas of the bin to be targeted with high flow, low RH air as needed to target an area of breakdown.  Prescriptive Ventilation is customized per application to meet the needs of your storage environment.

Prescriptive Ventilation becomes an air system within an air system allowing you to manage storage moisture balance and challenge areas within the pile.  The system can be installed permanently in the bin or created as a portable unit capable of being a highly adaptive tool for your storage management program.

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2016 Highlights

Fall is always a busy time of the year as we finish storage projects, continue with Mushroom projects and start to talk about projects developing for next season.  This year is no exception!  We've got some great projects underway while others are wrapping up and being filled with fresh produce.

Have you registered for Potato Expo 2017 yet?  Techmark will have a booth in San Francisco and we hope you'll stop by and visit.  Visit their website for information and to register Potato Expo 2017

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