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Rachel joins staff as the new lab manager.

Techmark closes first deal in China - August 2017

New building at Techmark nears completion.  The building is primarily a vehicle warehouse for our growing fleet.

Spor-Trac launches at Annual Mushroom meeting in Quebec City.

Kim Karlzen joins the staff as Accounts Payable Manager.

Techmark Approved Lab opens in Washington State

Techmark Approved Lab opens in Chile

Works begins in California on potato facility

March - engineering work begins on multi-bin project in Japan.

June  - Containers shipped to Japan.

July - first site visit.

Michigan Speaker of the House Tom Leonard visits Techmark.

Techmark News

Speaker Leonard visits Techmark

Collaboration with MSU design team continues as we work on the design for a smaller IRD to evaluate berry crops.


Laboratory Program expansion in Alliston, Ontario.

Sugar beet ventilation projects in Wyoming and Michigan.

Potato Storage projects throughout North America including ND, MI, ME, NY, PA among others.  Projects underway in Canada in multiple provinces.

Storage related projects under evaluation in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Testing of sugar beet storage ventilation panel

sugar beet storage ventilation fan controls

Todd Forbush authors article for Spudman magazine titled Preventing Layered Rot in Storage pg. 30

-Mushroom project completed in Peru, S.A.

       Bunker controls, Tunnel controls, Growing Room controls

-Mushroom project completed in San Miguel, Mexico.

Growing room control, 767 automated watering system controls

Todd Forbush speaks at Storage 2020 in the UK.

Todd  about storage now and in the future at the Storage 2020 meeting held in England.  This is an interesting discussion of where we are and what opportunities exist in potato storage.

Click on image for video. 


Todd Forbush at Manitoba Potato Production Days 2011. See interview.




Spudman article on Storage Quality featuring Todd Forbush.  Click here for link.

Techmark launches new website!

Spudman article on Qual-Trac. Click here.

Todd Forbush speaks at the World Potato Congress.  Yanqing, Beijing , China 28-30 July, 2015. For WPC website.

T-Trac software launch for latest Windows® operating systems

The NEWSBEET.  Michigan Sugar Company.  Fall 2008.

    Articles include ventilation projects done by Techmark.

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