Humidification Systems

Spin-Mist humidifiers provide small droplet atomization of water for air systems.  Each unit features a heavy plastic reservoir and stainless steel spinning disk to minimize corrosion.  The Spin-Mist humidifier provides up to 40 gallons per hour of humidification.  Very adaptable and portable, the Spin-Mist system may be a good fit for your storage operations.

Humi-Cell humidification systems feature a non-corrosive plumbing system with supply and bleed off valves to provide a self cleaning operation.  Humi-Cell  systems are available with either 12" or 18" media to provide proper humidification for all types of climate needs. The Humi-Cell is a passive system and can neither over humidify or under humidify the air.  All air passes through the Humi-Cell and is completely humidified upon exiting.  Units are custom manufactured and designed; the units are sized to provide the necessary humidification for your needs.  The Humi-Cell system is built from heavy stainless steel and will handle air systems from 10,000 to 150,000 CFM.  This system can be combined with any air system to meet your humidification requirements.

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Self Contained Humi-Cell

Humidification System


A Self Contained Humi-Cell system will put moisture where you want it.  A compact unit can be ceiling mounted or installed in other out of the way areas where it will not use up floor space.  A system can be designed to meet every need.

For a flyer on the Self Contained Humi-Cell unit click here.

Techmark offers both passive and active humidification systems.  The Spin-Mist is an active humidification system that atomizes water as it is released to the environment.  The Humi-Cell humidifier relies on evaporation for passive humidification.  The best system for your operation depends upon your storage system and operational procedures.  We can help you identify the best fit solution for your needs.


Humidification System

Testing a Spin-Mist system at Techmark

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