In Floor Air Cup System

Techmark designed the In Floor Air Cup system to provide uniform air flow throughout the storage.  The entire system can be cleaned using high pressure water.  Sloped tubes allow excess water to drain into the plenum where it can be disposed of and clean out ports can be installed on the closed end.  Since 2005, Techmark's In Floor Air Cup system has been proving its value across North America.  We provide installation guidance to your contractors to ensure the system is installed correctly and efficiently.  Video and other materials available.

For more information and pricing about Techmark's In Floor Air Cup please contact our office at 517-322-0250.

The Air Cup floor is durable and permanent.  You will eliminate the need to move air system pipes and replace damaged pipes annually. Your trucks and other equipment can move in and out of the storage, driving right over the Air Cups floor.

Potato storage bin being used for equipment storage.

Interior of lateral tube with Air Cups installed.

An In Floor Air Cup ventilation system eliminates the need to interrupt piling for pipe installation.  Equipment can move freely in and out of place during load in and load out.

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