Dry Fog Humidifiers

AKIMist "E" ® - Compact High Powered Humidifiers

Techmark is a distributor of high quality AKIMist "E" ® Humidifiers.  This product is durable, simple to install and maintain and can be implemented into grow  rooms without putting moisture on product,walls and ceilings.  When installed in mushroom grow rooms it will create the higher humidity environment required for product quality without the drawbacks of other humidifiers including free water and frequently required maintenance.  The AKIMist "E" ® is also more energy efficient than many humidity systems including steam.



  • Dry fog is sprayed over 13 feet horizontally to provide widespread humidification
  • Up to four nozzles can be mounted on each body
  • Compact water tank with float valve
  • Automated humidity control is part of an integrated system controlled through your Fancom  controller or other  control computer.
Mushroom Humidification

Using air and water, the AKIMist "E" ® creates a uniform non-wetting dry fog that targets spaces effectively without getting anything wet.  Creating no large particles, this humidification system controls environmental humidity without the drawbacks of other systems.


The AKIMist "E" ® system is flexible in installation, allowing several different configurations to fit your needs.

Easier to maintain and harder to clog

  • Clog resistant nozzle
  • Plug and spray tip are combined making it easier to disassemble and clean
  • 20% less air consumption than similar systems

High pressure air and water collide to generate ultrasound.  This process creates a fine mist with no large particles.

For pricing please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250.  Using your room dimensions we will calculate the number of units you would require to properly humidify your room.

For questions about the AKIMist "E" ® or any of our other products please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250 or email us at techmark@techmark-inc.com

Mushroom Solutions

Techmark is excited to introduce a product that has shown success in reducing quality loss due to water damage.

  Techmark's AKIMist® dry fog system delivers higher humidity without the condensating moisture that can lead to loss in quality and lower your returns.  AKIMist® creates a uniform non-wetting dry fog that targets spaces effectively without causing condensation on crops and equipment.

  High pressure air and water collide to create an ultrasound dry fog.  This process creates a fine mist with no condensating particles ensuring balanced humidification in your rooms crop after crop.

Case Study of AKIMist® System

In an actual case study of performance the AKIMist® system was installed in a specialty crop grow room.  The results were immediate and exciting.  Within 4 weeks of installation the AKIMist® system was able to reduce water damage to 0%!  In the images above we compare the free moisture present in the growing room before and after the AKIMist® system was installed - it is easy to see the difference in moisture quality after the AKIMist® system was in operation.  The ROI on this project was projected to be less than 3 months or the equivalent of less than 2 crop cycles.  Needless to say we were excited about the impact this product had for our client.  It was a terrific low cost solution to a problem that persists throughout the mushroom industry.

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AKIMist® Dry Fog System



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