Compost Ventilation Systems

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The 750 dual tunnel computer is designed for phase II and phase III bulk composting.  It is capable of automatic process control from leveling through cool down spawn run as well as cook-off.  The 750 monitors and controls air and compost temperature, RH, carbon dioxide, oxygen and ammonia.



The 751 computer is designed for bulk fermentation composting in bunkers.  It is capable of controlling make-up air and compost temperatures.  The 751 will also control compost, fan and exhaust air composition using bio-filters and ammonia scrubbers.  The 751 has 4 automatic process controls for the fermentation process for both mushroom compost and municipal compost.


All Fancom mushroom and compost ventilation computers have the ability to control and monitor air temperature, compost temperature, RH, carbon dioxide, oxygen, fresh air, fan speed, heating, cooling, humidification, steam and preheat.


Techmark designs and installs systems that meet project needs and have the durability to withstand the challenging environment of a mushroom farm.

compost bunker ventilation systems

Composting - Fancom


Simple to operate

Choosing Fancom means choosing the guarantee of an excellent composting process. Our multi-functional composting computers have proven their worth worldwide. Advanced technology, incorporated in an operating panel, which can be operated without any specific computer knowledge. A simple way to increase the efficiency of your operational management.


Optimal process control for optimal compost quality

Our computers do precisely the job they were designed to do. Composting organic material to achieve maximum quality so the compost can be used as a nutritional substrate that fully complies with all quality standards for compost. All using a minimum of time and energy.


The ideal composting computer for each process

Perfect climatic conditions whatever the circumstances. Whether the material being processed is farm waste, slurry, or a combination. Composters must be able to rely on an optimal process. The quality of the product must remain consistent with a minimum burden on the environment.


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