Growing Room Ventilation

From compost to mushroom, our Fancom systems create the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. We have the right system for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest.



The FCF is a simple and complete controller for a single growing room.  The FCF monitors and controls air and compost temperatures, relative humidity, carbon dioxide.  It is ideal for small and specialty mushroom farms.



The 765 is a fully automated, dual growing room controller designed for larger bed or

tray-type mushroom farms.  Its 15 preset programs are capable of controlling phase II composting, spawn run, pinning, harvest and post-crop stages.  The 765 also includes

energy control features such as:



•  Heat exchanger outside air

•  By-pass heat exchanger

•  Heat recovery cooling system

•  Heat recovery from systems for cook out energy

•  Central heat demand

•  Central cooling demand

•  Registration of energy consumption

•  Optimal use of outside air

•  Multiple humidification control

  - steam

  - cold water

  - watering unit

•  Double heating and cooling

Fancom control system for mushroom grow room.

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