Techmark is an international agricultural engineering company specializing in storage and production systems.  Techmark applies technologies that create positive returns for growers and industry.


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  Techmark is committed to supporting our customers during this outbreak.  As a business working in the essential agriculture sector we will remain open while taking measures to protect our staff, family and friends.  If you need support on the farm please be sure that you can count on us to provide that support.  We will run the office with minimal staff and have our service technicians operate from their homes where they will have fully stocked vehicles to address any service needs.

  We are all in this together.  Please call us at 517.322.0250 or by email at for any needs.

Per Gov. Whitmer's Executive Order No. 2020-21: Temporary requirement to suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life. Staff currently included in our designation of workers needed to conduct minimum basic operations include; Ted Gates, Todd Forbush, Cathy Lippert, Chris Zatzke, David Lang, Jordan Moeggenborg, Eric Wotring, Jeremy Schneider, Lyle Parker, Benjamin Cross, Brian Santrucek, Josh Brood, Patrick Morris, Don Stouffer.This list will be updated as needs may arise.

Innovative Agricultural Engineering Solutions. Committed to Quality and Service.

  Techmark is proud to be a member of the industries we work in.  Our team understands that without the amazing clients and progressive industries within agriculture we would not be able to do what we love doing -  partnering with our clients to make their organizations stronger through technology and innovation.  We have designed, installed and serviced agricultural storage and production systems around the world.  We have had the great opportunity of working with large and small producers to meet their project goals.  After more than 30 years, our mission statement continues to include "always striving to make the best producers better".  We will continue to work hard developing technologies that meet the needs of ever changing industry.


                                                                                                                                             The Techmark Team

We are always looking forward, learning and educating ourselves and our clients about new innovations and best solutions to their challenges.

Working with our clients to effectively use the equipment we've designed for them is a big part of our commitment to the industries we serve.  We build relationships with the owners, managers and staff.  Through this collaboration we work to ensure that your dollars are invested in the best solutions available.

Sales and Service

We service everything we sell.  We are specialists in environmental controls for storage and food production.  We understand the quality your buyers demand and the requirements you need from your control systems.


At Techmark, our commitment is to be an assett and trusted partner for our clients.  We will be there when you need support and efficient service.

Impact Recording Device - IRD

Potato QC Laboratory Services

Custom Air Handling Solutions

Techmark's IRD

Used globally, the IRD identifies sources of impacts with bruising potential.  By using both impact force and time duration the IRD is the most reliable, accurate device available for the Ag community.

Potato Sugar and Quality Testing

Techmark has long been the standard commercial potato storage sugar and fry quality testing.  Our labs are across North America as well as global locations.

Custom Air Handlers

We offer custom designed air handlers for all Ag applications.  We can design and install your systems at a competitive price.  Contact us with your project requirements.

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