Product Damage Evaluation using the Impact Recording Device (IRD)

Techmark manufactures and distributes the Impact Recording Device for evaluation of fruit and vegetable handling equipment and practices.

We provide on-site damage evaluation services on a project or consulting basis.

The IRD is run through all types of harvesting, handling, bagging and processing equipment alongside the produce.  The IRD records impacts experienced during this handling that meet pre-set product specific damage thresholds.  Equipment and handling systems can then be adjusted to minimize the impacts identified as having bruising potential.


Quotes are per project and can be provided upon request.

Contact Techmark at 517-322-0250

Our services may include:


-An on site technician visit to your location for a thorough evaluation of fruit and vegetable packing lines, harvesting, washing and handling equipment as needed.


-Our technician will spend a day or more evaluating your handling systems and practices.


-After the evaluation is complete, we will analyze and interpret the collected data.  A summary report listing a prioritized list of critical areas will be provided to the manager.  The manager can then use the data to make changes to the handling procedures or equipment that will minimize the impacts that may cause bruise.

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