Impact Recording Device (IRD)


-Rugged, water resistant construction allows use in wet and dirty environments i.e. harvesting, transporting, processing and packaging.

-Detects impacts from any angle using a self-contained triaxial acceleration sensor.

-Impact data is collected with an on-board microprocessor

-Real-time detection and measurement of impacts.  Maximum of 500G impact capacity.

-Customized design to match your commodity

-PCIRD software included to collect and analyze data

-User defined sensitivity and data collection parameters

-Tablet based software allows users to follow IRD while it is experiencing your handling system

Software and Data Management

The IRD is controlled by the user through the included PCIRD software on any Windows tablet.  Using the PCIRD software, the user defines the impact sensitivity and other data collection parameters, begins and stops impact recording and uploads data for interpretation.

Once recording begins, the IRD continuously monitors all accelerations and impacts that it experiences.  When an impact exceeds the user-defined sensitivity, impact data is recorded, calculated and stored in on board memory.  When data collection is stopped data is automatically uploaded to the PCIRD software.  A graph is generated to describe the impacts received and differentiate between damaging and non-damaging impacts.


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