Impact Recording Device (IRD)

IRD Specifications

Data Recording

Sample Rate:                            Selectable 488 Hz - 5 kHz

Trigger Threshold:                    Selectable 0-400 G

Pre-trigger sample number:      Selectable 1-12 samples

Post-trigger sample number:    Selectable 1-12 samples

Sampled information:                Impact amplitude, time and 3-dimensional impact orientation

Data storage capacity:              Dependent on impact characteristics and sampling rate

Impact Detection Criteria

Sensor:                         Tri-axial accelerometer

Impact amplitude:         +/- 500 G (3% accuracy)

Frequency response:    5 Hz - 3 kHz

Digitation:                      256 counts

Power Requirements

Battery:                            6 VDC Nickel Metal Hydride

Time between charges:   4-10 hours, dependent upon sample rate; automatically reverts to low      power mode when battery voltage drops below 5.0 volts

Operating Conditions

Temperature range:    -20F to 140F (-29C to 60C)

Moisture:                    Immersible in non-corrosive liquids

International Patents

United States:   4,754,564

Canada:            529,078

Europe:             87100801.7

Japan:               27,053.87


U.S. or European power adapter available.

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