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Techmark Inc.

15400 S. US 27

Lansing, MI 48906

Ph. 517-322-0250

Contact: Lab Manager


Southern Potato Company

Winkler, MB CANADA

Phone: 204-325-4318

Contact: Lab Manager



Sunrise Ag

Alliston, ON, Canada


Contact Ruth for inquiry about lab services and scheduling.



Other Laboratories across North America are in operation but may not process outside samples.  For help finding the closest facility to your farm please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250


If your interested in setting up a Techmark Approved Lab at your facility please contact us for more information.


Collecting Field Samples for pre-harvest sugar analysis

Techmark Laboratory

 Lab-Trac Reporting

  Techmark operates a quality improvement laboratory for potatoes.  We analyze sugar concentrations that relate to process quality, as well as evaluate a fry sample for process quality defects.  By integrating our lab services into the T-Solutions on-line data portal we've created a laboratory program that allows the grower to evaluate storage and field samples for process quality and make storage management decisions based on this valuable data.

Data is collected and presented on the T-Solutions web based portal in an easy to understand report.  Growers can log into their password protected accounts to view reports of their most recent as well as historical sample data.  Images of the fried samples are accessible with the reports.  Key quality metrics such as % defect, stem end, hollow heart and others are indicated on the reports. A PDF copy of samples reports is generated and automatically sent to email accounts designated by the user.

  Our laboratory program will typically perform a bi-weekly storage sample test.  For bins with storage challenges, we may recommend doing a weekly test.  The process quality laboratory at Techmark is experienced and recognized throughout the industry as a leader in storage quality evaluation.  We have processed samples in our program for over 20 years and continue our commitment to supporting the potato industry through high quality data creation and interpretation. We work with growers, processors and universities to perform sugar analysis and process quality determinations throughout the pre-harvest and storage seasons.


  If you would like to discuss your operation and how a bin monitoring program could add to your bottom line

please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250.



Consulting Services - ChipPro and FryPro

In support of the Techmark Approved Laboratory Program we offer ChipPro and FryPro consulting services. ChipPro and FryPro consulting uses laboratory data to create a storage management plan that fits your operations storage and quality management needs.  ChipPro/FryPro is in use across North America and has been used successfully to create strong returns on stored potatoes.

Components of ChipPro / FryPro Consulting


-Regular evaluation of potato quality.  We will conduct a bi-weekly or monthly ChipPro/FryPro call to discuss changes in quality, storage environment and shipping needs. During this call we will help identify which bins best fit your storage season goals for short, mid and long term storage potential within the needs of your shipping schedules.  These calls are a collaboration of our experience, lab data and your goals for your storage crop.

Techmark Approved Laboratory Program

We work with organizations across North America and Internationally to establish and operate storage quality evaluation labs.  These labs operate under the Techmark Approved Laboratory Program as Approved Labs.  They can be commercial or private facilities.  Using our experience, we walk you through the set up and operation from beginning to completion.  As partners we work to keep your laboratory operating properly by creating consistently high quality data that can be applied to improve storage quality and shipping outcomes.  Using the T-Solutions online portal, your lab will be able to store data and generate reports using Techmark's SOP's and experience.  We provide ongoing support as part of the relationship.


Chips being evaluated for process defects

French Fries being evaluated in our laboratory program

For more details about any of our laboratory services or to schedule sample processing please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250

Techmark's web based portal, T-Solutions, is where all of our laboratory data for potato sugars, processing quality and more is managed.  Growers can log in to see all of their data including historical data from seasons past.  Images of fried product are organized with the sample report to create a full view of the latest bin sample and the past bin samples from this season.  The trends are visible and give storage managers the tools they need to make the best fit adjustment to each storage bin. Regional trend data by variety is also included on the report in a blind table that shows how this sample compares relative to other samples of the same variety in the same growing region.  Techmark's laboratory program has been working with potato growers for over 25 years and looks forward to continued positive impact for the industry.

Accessibility for your Management Team

Laboratory data can be accessed through the remote controller software Stor-TracStor-Trac puts your quality data along with all of your bin environmental conditions at your fingertips.  Review  data and make changes to your bin management from the same application.

Consistency and Accuracy are hallmarks of the Techmark Approved Laboratory Program

Samples are tagged for processing

Laboratory layout

Light box for consistent color management

Juice collection for YSI sugar analysis

Samples are collected, organized and processed

Collecting center cut chips to capture stem and bud end sugar accumulation for fry quality evaluation

Same tubers for both Sugars and Fry Sampling.

We use the same tubers to test for reducing sugars that we use to fry test for processing quality.  By doing this we are better able to correlate sugar data with defect data.  We collect a center chip from the tuber and take a tissue sample from the middle of the same tuber.  A center sliced chip allows us to evaluate stem and bud end sugar expression.  This process has been streamlined over the last 30 years to create an accurate and efficient laboratory program.

Tomorrow's samples waiting their turn!

For more information contact our Lab team at 517.322.0250 or by email at

Chris Zatzke

Laboratory Manager

Eric Wotring

Laboratory Director

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