Equipment - Mushroom and Composting

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Mushroom and Compost Ventilation Computers

Carrier Systems: chillers, air handlers and packaged cooling units.

Fan Operation

Fans will be operated differently according to application and ventilation system requirements Fan speed and run time are critical when controlling compost, evaporation and air temperatures.  Your Fancom computer can control your fans based upon your production needs.  Techmarks uses Danfoss VFD's in conjuction with fan systems to create energy savings and extend the life of your equipment.

Valves and Actuators

Alarm Pro contacts you when your controller detects an environmental change that is outside of set parameters.  A text message or email notification will be sent to your wireless device identyifing the alarm type.  See here for more information.

Handheld Sensor - for portable verification of environmental conditions.  For more information click here.

Mushroom Air Liner System - Air Liners properly distribute and divide the air stream to reduce scaling and other issues related to poor air flow. Go here for more information.

T-Trac Software for remote communication and data logging

Belimo valve and actuators

Air handler installation

Fancom 765 control systems

Quonset houses

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