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Mushroom and Composting Systems

  Techmark designs and builds automated environmental control systems for mushroom and compost production. We provide design, maintenance and installation services. We have worked for mushroom producers world wide to find solutions for their unique needs.

  Whether your setting up a new facility or modernizing an existing facility, Techmark has the experience and expertise to design the right system for you.  We evaluate all aspects of your project and create design plans that maximize energy efficiency with long term functionality.  Techmark is your partner in all aspects of mushroom and composting system design and installation.

  To discuss your next project or to get information about our products and services please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250 or email at


Featured Projects

  Techmark designs and builds insulated air handlers for mushroom applications.

Take a look at our Air Handing Equipment page for more features HERE


   Techmark chooses equipment for its ability to meet the needs of mushroom growers. For over 30 years Techmark has partnered with Fancom Control Systems to establish the global standard for the mushroom industry.


Visit our Equipment page to see some of the products we offer HERE


Remote Management Software

  Spor-Trac allows remote management of your environmental control systems.  All of your key metrics are available in one view on any device.  Quick access to all settings and trends in one easy to view screen.


Visit our Spor-Trac page for more information HERE

On Site Service and Training

  We offer service,both on site and remote, training as well as audits to keep your operations running smoothly.  These services have been shown by growers to lead directly to improvements in product quality.  Click HERE for more information.

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