Mushroom and Composting Systems

  Techmark builds and designs computerized environmental control systems for mushroom and compost production by combining advanced technology with effective and durable equipment.  Our designs allow optimal control of your process environment. We provide complete design, maintenance and installation services.

  Whether your setting up a new facility or modernizing an existing production facility, Techmark has the experience and expertise to design and install the right system for you.  We evaluate all aspects of your project and create design plans that maximize energy efficiency with long term functionality.  With experience around the globe, Techmark is your partner in all aspects of mushroom and composting system design and installation.

  To discuss your next project or get more information about our products and services please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250 or email at

From our headquarters in Michigan, USA we cover our global operations.  As the only North American supplier to the mushroom industry we are particularly well positioned to work with mushroom growers in North America.  We offer sales and service to the industry and specialize in retrofit projects of all sizes.  Our ability to respond to projects large and small gives us the opportunity to work with operations of all sizes throughout the industry.  Our team of engineers and technicians can assist you with project development as well as installation and repair work.

Product Spotlight

AKIMist "E" ®

AKIMist "E" ® is a compact high powered humidifier. The AKIMist "E"® is a great solution to increasing humidity in your grow rooms without putting free moisture on your product, walls or structures.  Lower operating costs than other humidification systems including steam, AKIMist "E"® may be the right fit for your operation.  For more information visit our AKIMist "E"® webpage and then contact Techmark at 517-322-0250 or email at


Click here for our AKIMist "E"® webpage.

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