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Prescriptive Ventilation


Prescriptive ventilation can halt the spread of a rot area and protect your bottom line.

Manage your storage moisture balance and challenge areas through the use of Techmark's innovative Prescriptive Ventilation.  Prescriptive Ventilation allows you to target an area of breakdown and move dry air through the pile to a specific section while allowing normal ventilation to the rest of the pile.

Prescriptive Ventilation allows your air system to respond to your storage needs: Low airflow/ High RH air system for healthy tubers and High airflow/Low RH air system for diseased tubers.

It's an air system within an air system!

This auxiliary ventilation system provides high volume low humidity to an identified location within the store.  Configuration is customized and allows easy implementation by storage personnel.  The Prescriptive Ventilation system can be designed into the storage building itself as a secondary ventilation system or it can be built as a mobile unit to be moved to a bin as a need arises.  Prescriptive Ventilation is about responding to breakdown when it happens and where it happens while maintaining standard airflow to the rest of the bin - precision application of the proper type of air flow based on tuber demand and location within the pile.  

Prescriptive Ventilation can be targeted to move air directly into a lateral tube through the plenum.  By using flexible tubing options routed from the Prescriptive Ventilation unit and into the plenum we are able to connect directly to the lateral tubes and move high airflow / Low RH air into the area of breakdown thereby controlling the spread of rot by drying out the hot spot.

"Techmark's Prescriptive Ventilation trailer allowed us to slow the spread of rot and successfully ship this bin to market"

Blake Thorlund - Thorlund Brothers, Michigan

Thorlund brothers used a mobile Prescriptive Ventilation unit to slow the spread of breakdown in a pile that had been affected by disease.  This PV trailer was installed inside the bin and connected directly to the plenum through the bin wall.  Fresh air was connected to the trailer through a custom built duct.  The PV trailer allowed the amount of available air flow to be doubled into the remaining half of the pile.  This enhanced air flow system effectively slowed the spread of rot and began to dry the pile creating enough time for the farm to successfully market the tubers. Prescriptive Ventilation is all about having the flexibility to adapt to unique and changing conditions within the storage system.

This is a mobile design of the the Prescriptive Ventilation system. The system can be connected from the outside of the building or the inside through the installation of custom designed fitting systems.  Techmark designs each Prescriptive Ventilation system to fit the needs of the farm.

This Prescriptive Ventilation system is installed in MB, Canada.  The secondary nature of the Prescriptive Ventilation system allows targeted airflow into the pile through the lateral tubes while the primary ventilation system can continue to treat the whole pile. Additional air flow where you need it!

Each system is uniquely designed to fit the application.  In this image you are seeing a Prescriptive Ventilation system with duct work that allows individual lateral tubes to receive air from the Prescriptive Ventilation system while the rest of the plenum receives air from the main ventilation system.  This design allows the High airflow / Low RH air from the secondary Prescriptive Ventilation system to target areas of rot in the pile. Once a section of rot is under control or removed the ducting can be removed and the main ventilation system will continue to provide airflow to the lateral(s) ducts. This approach allows the diseased section of the pile to be managed separately from the healthy majority of the pile.

Prescriptive Ventilation has successfully responded to challenging situations in storage management.

Prescriptive Ventilation is an adaptive, flexible design that meets the unique needs of your storage design and management.

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