Refrigeration and Heating Equipment

 Heating and Cooling requirements vary according to climate and the crop being stored.  Techmark offers a wide range of heating and cooling equipment to meet the needs of all storage situations.  Our ventilation computers can control any of your refrigeration and heating systems.

Refrigeration -

We can design fixed and portable cooling systems.  Our systems will be sized correctly to meet the needs of your storage.  All of our equipment will be high quality and built for the demanding environment of your facility.

Heating -

Heating requirement will vary based on climate and stored product.  We recommend supplemental heating for cold climates for added control when a building is partially filled or if the building is designed as an anti-condensation structure.

Heaters can be controlled for temperature, to dry the crop or to control condensation inside the storage building.  For onion curing our systems are designed to couple the energy content of the outside air with heating and cooling equipment to assure the air is conditioned properly to remove only the amount of moisture required to cure the product.

System design is dependent upon the many variables of your operational needs.  To discuss your project and request a quote please contact Techmark at 517-322-0250 or by email at  We will be glad to help you identify which systems will meet your project goals.

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