The Techmark Team

Ted Gates



Todd Forbush



Cathy Lippert



Mike Schweda

In-house repairs


Brian Santrucek

Engineering and Mushrooms


Josh Brood

Engineering and Storage


Patrick Morris

Sales and Marketing


Eric Wotring

Laboratory Manager


Nick Tipper



Stacy Harbert

Master Electrician


Kim Karlzen

Accounts Payable


Morgan Hart

Sales Support


Carol Poirier

Sales Support


David Lang

Service and Repair - Electrician


Jordan Moeggenborg

Service and Repair - Electrician


Rachel Leightner

Laboratory Supervisor


Don Stouffer

Panel Shop


Brenda Jackson

Shipping and Receiving


Need to contact a team member?  Not sure who?

  You can send a message to and we will make sure the right team member gets the message and responds to it.  If you would like to call for quicker service use the office number 517-322-0250 and one of our friendly staff will be glad to help you.

Benjamin Cross

Refrigeration Coordinator


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