Storage Ventilation System Controls

 Fancom 755 for multiple rooms or bins.

  The 755 multi-air system computer is a complete multifunction storage computer with complete temperature, relative humidity and CO2 controls.  The 755 can independently control up to 4 separate air systems including the fans, inlet and exhaust equipment, cooling, heating, humidification and anti-condensation equipment.

Fancom 755 and 756

Fancom FCS

Fancom 756 for CA rooms

   The 756  is similar to the 755 in that it also operates up to 4 separate CA rooms with complete temperature, RH, CO2, O2 and ethylene controls.  The 756 monitors temperature, RH, CO2, O2, ethylene and alarm conditions while controlling fans, cooling, heating and humidification equipment, dryers, defrost and air composition systems.

FCS for single room control.

   The FCS is a single room control computer.  It offers complete control for a single room or bin.  The FCS monitors temperatures, relative humidity, air inlet positions and alarm conditions.  The FCS will control fans, inlet and exhaust equipment, cooling, heating, humidification and alarm systems.

The FCS does not monitor CO2 equipment.

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Our storage control computers offer user defined alarm warnings if measured values for temperature or air composition varies from set values or in the event of power outage or equipment failure.

Potato storage controls

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