Sugar Beet Storage and Ventilation Systems

Some sugar beets are grown and then stored while waiting delivery for processing.  During the storage process sugar is lost due to respiration and decay accelerated by heat that builds within the pile.  Ventilation increases sugar recovery by reducing respiration and spoilage.  Techmark has designed, installed and serviced hundreds of ventilation towers responsible for maintaining millions of tons of beets.  We understand and design around storage practices than can impact final sugar yields.


Forced-air ventilation through computerized control systems can be used to reduce and maintain beet pile temperature.  Proper system design to create uniform air pressure distribution in manifolds creates balanced air flow through your piles.  Sensors monitor temperature and inform the control system.  System status is monitored through your PC or hand held device using remote management software.


Anywhere in the world, Techmark is your partner in sugar beet storage.

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sugar beet pile ventilation

Respiration can account for over 70% of sugar losses that occur during storage. Forced-air ventilation can lower respiration, inhibit decay and ultimately lead to higher sugar recovery and better bottom lines.

Ventilation towers are equipped with sealed control boxes to protect electronic control systems.

Ventilated beet piles create larger returns.

 Our vertical tower design creates a uniform air flow through beet piles.  Lateral ducts are connected to the system and piles are built over these ducts.  Pile sensors measure temperature and drive fan operations through the computerized controls.  LED Indicator lights on the control boxes indicate operating status.

 Our Fancom 755 control computers are internet capable allowing your team to monitor operational status from a PC or hand held device.

The vertical design lowers noise on the ground allowing staff to work safely and comfortably.

The main elements of a beet storage ventilation system.


Tower Fans

Ventilation Control Box

And most importantly, good engineering design.

Techmark offers all of these in a professionally designed installed and serviced package.  We are committed to working with progressive producers to create better bottom lines by minimizing loss and protecting quality.

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