Sweet Potato Storage and Management

Fresh Air Inlets

Storage System Controls

Fresh air exchange is an important part of every ventilation system.  Our fresh air inlet doors controlled through actuators can be set to provide the proper mix of fresh air based on temperature and CO2 measurements and crop needs.  They are durable, calibrated and built to last.

Our 755 Fancom controller is capable of controlling all of your storage ventilation system components.  From humidity to heating and cooling you can create set points and schedules to manage your environment.

Where appropriate we integrate VFD's into system design to protect equipment and create energy efficiency.  VFD's can significantly reduce energy usage and extend equipment life.  We also research opportunities to capture local incentives from your power company by meeting their requirements for efficient equipment installations and upgrades.

Variable Frequency  Drives  - VFD's

From curing to long term holding we create storage environments that protect your crop.


  Storage systems can include central control computers, humidity, sensors, fresh air inlets, fans and heating/cooling systems.

All components are managed through our 755 Fancom controller.  The controller can be remote monitored through your PC or hand held device using our Stor-Trac software platform.  Fully programmable, our storage computers will automatically monitor and respond to your storage environment.  You create the set points and the controller will execute based on your storage plan.  Fresh air, humidity, temperature and fan speeds are all programmable functions.

  A balanced storage ventilation system will create the high humidity environment your crop requires without putting moisture on the produce or the storage structure.  Techmark works globally and understands that regional conditions drive storage system design.  Each facility and organization is unique and requires a custom system designed to meet operational goals.  Our team is ready to work for you on your next project.

According to USDA statistics, U.S. Sweet Potato production has increased by over 150% in the last 15 years and the trend continues upward. May 1, 2015

Heating and Cooling systems

Techmark offers a full line of heating and cooling options.  Our systems are designed based on local environment during the storage season, operational requirements, building design and crop management needs.  We use high quality components with the durability to last for many years.

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North Carolina sweet potato farm project

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