Techmark uses the Fancom 767 mushroom watering computer to control your fully automated watering systems.

Automated Mushroom Watering Systems

"The Vullings watering system has added consistency, measurability and repeatability to our watering applications.  The system allows for in line water metering for precise volume calculations and easily adapts to either a tank watering or injection system for chemical applications."


Mike K. , General Manager

  • Ideal water distribution
  • High quality materials for a long service life
  • Spray patter is fully adjustable
  • Spray arms do not drop above the beds
  • Moisture is uniformly across beds

  Techmark designs and installs automated watering systems using high quality Vullings products controlled by our Fancom 767 watering computer.  With an automated watering system it is possible to supply water in a consistent, equal application across your growing beds.  Integrated water meters create the ability to have known application rates as well as the detection of water leaks.


  We use Vullings equipment to deliver consistent water with flexible settings to ensure equal distribution front to back and top to bottom.  Water can be supplied from the center or side aisles in one run.  Water volume per spray nozzle is adjustable based on room design.


  Your watering system can be controlled from a central location by using your PC or through the 767 Fancom watering computer. Contact Techmark for more information about our products and services.  Call 517-322-0250 or

We design, install and service all of our systems.

For room humidity take a look at our AKIMist "E"  compact, dry fog humidifiers. Visit here.

A Techmark designed automated watering system uses high quality components including Vullings heads to deliver uniform, consistent applications of water to multiple tiers simultaneously.  All systems are fully integrated into your production program to allow  the flexibility your operation requires to maintain top quality production goals.

Water volume usage is tied to the central controller for accurate water application and detection of leaks.

The Vullings water head provides a consistent application of water across the growing bed.

The watering head has adjustable tips to allow a fully customized application that applies water only where you want it and in the volume your crop needs it.

Is your current system meeting your needs?

""The automated watering system has given us watering consistency....many factors have played a role in increasing our yields, the automated watering system is one of those factors.  The consistency of application is always the same, when you have a man perform the irrigation, no matter how good he is you will never match the ability to apply exactly the same amount of water per square inch that you can with an automated watering system."


Enrique S. , Grower Manager

"In general, the automated watering system has brought us 100% control of how we apply water and how much water we apply."



How much water do you apply to your beds?

Does the operator apply evenly each application?

Are applications always timely?

How do you know?

An automated watering system applies water exactly the same way every time.

The same volume of water per square meter of bed.  Every time.  There is no variation in rate or timing.

Consistency is the value an automated watering system brings to your operation.

Consistency creates better crops by protecting quality.

Consistency that can be measured.



"Quality is never an accident.  It is always the result of intelligent effort."

John Ruskin

All operations are unique and yours is no exception.  The ROI an automated watering system will have at your operation requires an evaluation of your current watering program.  How large are your rooms?  How many shelves?  Using a watering tree?  How many trees are deployed per room?  How often do you water each day? One heavy application or multiple applications?  Techmark will work with you to evaluate the impact of a new automated watering system.


All products and designs are tested for quality and consistency through internal evaluations and partnerships with on farm trials.

For more information on how  an automated watering system from Techmark could compliment your operation contact us at 517-322-0250 or by email at

Looking for maintenance information for your automated watering system?

  In this video you can see how to tighten your cable system and ensure years of good operation.  More more information please email Techmark at or call us at 517-322-0250


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